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  • If you need a licensed structural engineer in Hawaii, contact us!
  • If you need a Hawaii forensic engineer, contact us!
  • If you want to design a new building, retaining wall, seawall, septic tank, water tank, or any other structure, contact us!
  • If you want to buy or sell a house and need structural engineering inspection, call us!
  • If you want to renovate and modify an existing structure, we can help.
  • We provide structural engineering design and load certification services.
  • If you have a structural design problem, or if you need a second opinion, contact us!
  • If you are a contractor and need value engineering, we will be your partner!
  • If you need structural engineering expert opinion, we can assist you!


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Led by Kiumars Siah, Ph.D., PE, a licensed structural engineer and forensic expert in Hawaii with more than twenty years of professional experience, AAA Structural Engineering in Honolulu can quickly and efficiently respond to your needs in the following areas:

Structural engineering analysis & design of building and non-building structures

Inspection & evaluation of existing residential & commercial buildings

Forensic investigations and failure analysis

Feasibility analysis & conceptual design and planning services

Value engineering & peer structural engineering review

Expert investigation and reporting

Load testing and certification

Formwork and shoring design

Design & restoration of seawalls, retaining walls, basement walls and foundations

Design & restoration of tanks, reservoirs & other liquid retaining structures

Cladding and railing design





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